Keeping our customers satisfied is important to us. We know what it feels like when you buy something that ends up not being what you wanted at all, so we offer a full 30-day return policy here at Jandeys for all online purchases.


We’re not too worried why you want to return your Jandeys, we just want you to be happy with your purchase. Here's a quick guide for exchanges and refunds:

  • If they're the wrong size - you can exchange them.
  • If you received them as a gift - no problem. 
  • If the colour isn't what you thought - swap them for another colour. It's all good.
  • Please make sure the tag is still on the jandals.


Please think about us too: We can't accept jandals that have been worn to the beach, then worn to your mate's barbecue. If you realise they're not the right ones at that stage, it's a bit late as we can't accept returns that have been worn.


We try to make exchanges and returns hassle-free - just download and fill in our Exchange and Return form below. Print it off and follow the instructions.


Can I get a full refund?

Yes, you can. Please allow up to 10 working days for an exchange or refund to be processed. 


Get Your Form Here:
Exchanges and returns.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 55.3 KB