Jandeys on The Rock for National Crate Day

We were stoked to team up with The Rock radio station in NZ as their official jandal for National Crate Day. Crate Day is all about the beginning of summer in NZ and it encourages people to get together with their mates, have a barbecue, wear jandals and of course, enjoy a few beers and some sunshine. Get yourself a pair to make summer a hummer.

Jandeys National Crate Day at The Rock

Jandeys Sponsors Kiwi Pro Surfer, Paige Hareb 

New Zealand pro surfer, Paige Hareb is among the world's surfing elite. She surfs in the ASP Women's World Tour, which features the top 17 female surfers in the world going head-to-head riding some of the best waves on the planet. Paige is the only Kiwi on the tour and 2014 marked her 6th consecutive year competing with the world's best surfers. Jandeys is stoked to be able to team up with Paige as her jandal sponsor and contribute to her ongoing success.

We asked Paige to give us an idea of how she wanted her Paige Series Jandeys to look. She put pen to paper and gave us her ideas. She likes the idea of stripes on the print and she's very much into darker coloured jandals. We reckon she's got pretty good style because these look sweet as.

Get yourself a pair of Paige Series Jandeys and help us help her on her mission to be the World Champ.

Paige Hareb in her Signature Series Jandeys


Fu Long Beach Party

The Jandeys team went to the Fulong Beach Party, 2014 for the first time. For those who don't know where Fu Long Beach is, it's on the north-east coast of Taiwan. This 5 day music and beach party gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. This festival was a heap of fun and it was awesome to meet all those that came and said hi at our tent. Special thanks to for translating some info into Chinese for us!


Padang Padang Beach, Bali

Driving around Bali on a scooter is a total adventure. It's the kind of ride where you're sweating even though you've got the breeze blowing in your face from riding the scooter. After dodging the chaos of the traffic on a recent trip to Bali, Jandeys Matt got complete relief from the heat at Padang Padang beach, in the Uluwatu area of southern Bali. This shot shows a slice of the paradise that is Padang Padang.


How to clean flip flops, jandals or thongs.

We've made a little DOs and DON'Ts guide so you know the best way to clean your natural rubber flip flops and jandals. When they get dirty, just give 'em a quick clean and they'll love you long time.



We recently had the pleasure of working with MangoPublic to create an introductory YouTube video about Jandeys. MangoPublic are the guys you want to talk to if you need anything done in the areas of web design, SEO and other types of web optimisation. 


In our case, MangoPublic's skills in putting the video together and optimising it on YouTube are of huge benefit for us. They were great to deal with offering insight over and above what we expected and the finished video really gets the message we wanted to deliver across to our audience well. 


As a first up Jandeys video, Darren and his team have provided us with inspiration to go bigger and better in the future. Cheers MangoPublic



What do you call Jandeys in your town or country?

Let's face it, the world's a pretty big place and with that comes a fusion of names for this awesome product that we like to call Jandeys. We're always on the lookout for new names for Jandeys from different countries and cultures around the world. If you think you've got one be sure to let us know and we'll add it to our growing list:


Jandals in New Zealand.

Thongs in Australia.

Plakkies and slip-slops (or just slops) in South Africa.
Go-aheads in the South Pacific.
Flip flops in the UK and Canada.
Chappal in India and Pakistan. 
Jia jiao tuo (夾腳拖) in Taiwan.
Flip flops in the USA or clam diggers in Texas.
Chinelos in Brazil. 
Tsinelas in the Philippines.
Tongs in France.
Sayonares (σαγιονάρες) in Greece. 
Japonki in Poland.

Chancletas in Spain. 
Shlyopantsi (шлёпанцы) in Russia and Ukraine.
Ojotas in Argentina.

Klip klappere in Denmark.

Sandals, setta or zouri in Japan.
Žabky (little frogs) or vietnamky in the Czech Republic.

Papuci in Romania.

Peullib peullab (플립플랍) in Korea.


We Started Selling Jandeys Online Today

We started selling Jandeys online on Monday, November 12th, 2012. The first pair of Jandeys sold online occurred at 10:01am and was a size 8 Skinny Solid Ruby.


Flying John Jandey

We took our new Floater Flops to a river/waterfall in central Taiwan to put them to the test and basically see what sort of treatment they could withstand. Our mate, John, decided that jumping off the waterfall was a pretty good way to test their strength. He managed to land this unscathed, but we wouldn't recommend jumping off waterfalls with your floater flop strapped on.