10 Reasons Why Jandeys Are Better

1.  Jandeys straps won't hurt between your toes!

  • You know that painful feeling you get between your toes when you first start wearing a new pair of jandals? The good news is that this doesn't happen with Jandeys.
  • You won't feel any pain at all from the moment you start wearing your new Jandeys.

2.  Jandeys are non-slip on wet floors!

  • You can feel safe walking by the pool or somewhere else on wet floor, because Jandeys are non-slip in the wet.

3.  Jandeys strap plugs are strong!

  • Our strap plugs are designed to stay in under high force. 
  • If you treat your jandals in a reasonable manner, the strap plugs won't pop out or break.

4.  The strap is made of SGS certified PVC.

  • Our straps are not only comfortable but also the materials used are totally safe to wear against your skin.

5.  No harmful chemicals in printed designs.

  • We don't use any harmful chemicals in our printed design jandals. We care that Jandeys customers are wearing a product that is free from toxic chemicals.

6.  Jandeys soles are made with natural rubber. The advantages of natural rubber are:

  • It's non-slip in wet conditions.
  • It's non-toxic.
  • It's environmentally safe.
  • It's hypo-allergenic.
  • It's odor-free.
  • Because the rubber is made naturally from the sap of the rubber tree, it is petroleum-free.
  • Jandeys' own natural rubber composition is durable, comfortable, flexible, and soft.

7.  Strap hole positioning.

  • The strap holes are positioned so you won't stub your toes at the front and you won't stand on the straps at the heel end.

8.  Bottom line benefits.

  • The heel of a Jandeys natural rubber sole is thicker than the toe end for extra comfort and added durablity.

9.  Original molds.

  • Jandeys are made using original molds, not public molds. This means Jandeys are totally unique looking.

10.  Recycled packaging.

  • Jandeys packaging is all produced from recycled paper. This includes the box, tag, and hanger.